About us


PETROSERV is an ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 Certified Company that offers a diverse range of engineering and construction services in its three main areas of activity, namely Infrastructure, Oil and Gas and Building.

Petroserv, a wholly owned Qatari company, is one of the leading EPIC contractors in the State of Qatar. Existing since 1978, Petroserv has an enviable, proven track record with a large variety of Qatari and international clients including: Ashghal (Public Works Authority), Kahramaa (Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation), Qatar Petroleum (QP), Qatar Fuel Company (WOQOD), Qatar Fuel Additives Company (QAFAC), Qatar Chemical Company Ltd. (QChem) , Qatar Steel, Qatar Gas, Qatar Lubricants Company (QALCO), Qatar Armed Forces, Siemens, CCIC and Hyundai.



PETROSERV, to participate in Qatar’s Mega Projects, create strategic alliances with other contracting companies to prequalify, bid and deliver.

Currently Petroserv are also operating four strategic alliances with Quanto Bello , QAir Global , BotharQ, Roadbridge and TDGI Serv.

About us




Petroserv is a wholly Qatari owned multi-disciplinary construction and engineering company that was established on 1st January 1978 by Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohamed Bin Jassim Al Thani. The Company started out life specializing in metals recycling. The then name for the Company was PETROSERV for Maintenance and General Services.


Over the intervening years, like with the majority of similar companies at the time, Petroserv ventured into a number of differing business lines as it sought to exploit potential opportunities that developed in Qatar. In 1990 the management of Petroserv saw opportunities developing in the petroleum industry and decided to establish an Engineering Division within the company. This division very quickly became the cornerstone of the business.


In 2003 it was decided to develop a Infrastructure Division within Petroserv. This was primarily due to the business opportunities that were surfacing in Qatar as the Qatari Government sought to develop its infrastructure. In addition, there are significant synergistic benefits between projects in this sector and that of the mechanical and engineering sector.

More recently, with the increasing levels of competition being experienced in Qatar and as the Qatar markets mature, it was decided that Petroserv develop to meet Qatar's construction demands. As a result it was decided that Petroserv is a multi disciplinary construction and engineering company with its Operational Divisions focusing on Infrastructure, Oil & Gas and Building developments. Accordingly, it either divested from or transferred out of all the non-core activities.


To create sustainable value for all stakeholders by being the leading Qatari based multi disciplinary construction and engineering company through focused business divisions acting in synergy.

Recognising and internalising that safety is of paramount importance to all ensuring that it becomes a way of life in conducting business.

Making promises that we can keep always being honest, ethical and respectful promoting solution driven actions. Uncompromising PETROSERV standards. Taking ownership and being accountable.

Everyone is responsible for delivering and adding value. Service excellence is a given. We are uncompromising on standards and dissatisfied with the status quo. We must raise standards and be professional

Working together to achieve our goals, doing what it takes for our team to succeed, never compromising the greater team. Always creating positive energy and striving for high performance team status.

Believe that we all have good ideas encourage and harness them, the responsibility to access and share great ideas lies with us all. Be passionate for improvement and embrace creativity, growth, vitality and momentum.